Why Is My Garage Door Making Funny Noises?

One day as you’re leaving your house, you notice a strange noise. Is that the sound the garage door normally makes while opening and closing? Most homeowners make the mistake of dismissing noisy garage doors as normal operating sounds. However, these unusual sounds are usually warning signs of something more serious happening with your garage door. By ignoring these warnings, you may eventually find yourself with a garage door that will no longer open or close, leading to inconvenient and costly emergency repairs.

Common Garage Door Noises

On average, most homes use their garage doors 1,500 times per year — making the garage the most often frequently accessed entry point into homes. Sometimes the reliable operation and predictability of a garage door can lull homeowners into never anticipating garage door repairs and ignoring a noisy garage door. To know when it’s time to call a professional garage door repair service, listen for any of these common garage door noises and note the cause:

  • Grinding: Worn rollers
  • Ticking: Worn bearings or pulleys
  • Banging: Defective or damaged garage door panels
  • Squealing: Out-of-balance garage door
  • Rumbling: Loose springs, reduced tension
  • Grating: Bent coils
  • Clinking: Coils rubbing against each other — typically the result of rust buildup

Whether your garage door is ticking, banging or clinking, you should consult a garage door professional to inspect the system. Many homeowners believe they have the experience and tools necessary to quickly fix a garage door — and while simple lubrication or tightening loose parts can be done DIY-style, other repairs should be handled by the professionals at Jarusewki’s Garage Door Service. The weight of the door — many are over 400 pounds — and the degree of tension in the springs and cables can be a safety hazard for homeowners.

Why Trust a Professional for Noisy Garage Door Repairs?

Every year, over 1,000 injuries are reported to hospitals as a result of do-it-yourself garage door repairs. If you suspect something is wrong with your garage door and that it may need repair, trust a professional — they have industry-grade tools and experience and training on how to safely repair and replace garage doors. Making a call could save you money over the long term and provide long-lasting repairs.

Reducing Garage Door Noises

To have added peace-of-mind, homeowners should hire a professional for routine garage door maintenance at least once per year. With regular maintenance by a professional, you can reduce premature wear and prolong the lifespan of your garage door and opener.

At Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service, we offer friendly and reliable maintenance for residents in Carlisle, PA, and the surrounding areas. When one of our technicians inspects your system, they’ll test and lubricate all moving parts. As needed, they’ll make recommendations for repairs and system upgrades to ensure your home’s safety and guarantee you’re never without a properly functioning garage door.

Rely on Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service

For the most reliable, friendly and efficient garage door and opener services in Carlisle, PA, and beyond, trust the experts at Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service. We have over 30 years of garage door maintenance, repair and installation experience and offer a wide selection of the latest Clopay® Garage Doors and LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers. Call us today to learn more about our repair services or complete our online form to receive a free project estimate.

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