Garage Door Panel Repair & Replacement

The garage door is an important feature of your home, and you likely rely on it every day. You probably open and close it to get your vehicle in and out of the protected space. Or, maybe you use your garage as an extra living area, and the door provides you with the warmth and security you need to enjoy it.

No matter what you use your garage for, your garage door system is a complex one made up of multiple parts. When even one mechanism or feature of the door doesn’t work as it should, such as the exterior panels and hinges, it will affect the entire system.

It may seem like the panels are purely cosmetic, but they too are crucial to efficient garage door operation.

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Why You Should Get Garage Door Panel Repair & Replacement for Your Carlisle Home

Problems with your garage door panels range from issues that block the movement of the door to minor or major cosmetic damage.

If your garage door panels are bent, for example, it can mean your garage door doesn’t sit on its track correctly. Improper alignment can cause damage and excessive wear to other parts of the door if it doesn’t get repaired. Replacing the damaged panels and realigning it can get your garage door back to operating like it should.

If the issues to your garage door are purely cosmetic, they may not be as important to every homeowner — but they are still a smart fix. In addition to preventing any future deterioration of the door, it also adds to your home’s curb appeal — which can be essential, especially if you’re planning to sell your home in the future.

If you notice wear or have damage to some of your garage door panels, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the whole garage door. Whether it’s minor surface damage to a few panels or a bigger issue that affects more of the door, Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service is ready to take on the project and get your garage door back to perfect working order.

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