Wood Finish Residential Garage Doors

Are you looking to spruce up the outside of your home? Not only are garage doors practical for the functionality of your home, but the right garage door design and materials also help create a luxurious and inviting feel for your home. By designing your new wood finish door, you can become the envy of your neighbors.

Many homeowners choose a garage door with a wood finish because of their unique design choices, customization options and durability that a standard garage door cannot offer.

At Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service we offer a variety of wood-finish Clopay® garage doors you can customize according to your home’s aesthetic and budget and elevate your home’s look.

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Wood Finish: The Right Garage Door for You


Besides being a beautiful and natural addition to the outside of your home, wood finish garage doors also provide customization that a standard door cannot, like size and design.

Garage doors with a wood finish are unique in that they can be made to fit any size garage. A standard door is manufactured according to typical garage sizes, but wood finish doors can fit any garage size or shape. Make your door fit your needs and not the other way around.

Popular wood-finish garage doors are often made from cedar, redwood, hemlock and fir. The wood can then be stained to a color of your choosing, or you can maintain their natural, gorgeous color. These woods are perfect for your garage because of their natural resistance to moisture and potential insect damage. And because the homeowner decides the features of their door, you can choose how expensive the final product will be depending on the type of wood, size and added design features.

A typical steel, aluminum or vinyl garage door can dent or crack over time. When this happens, the entire door must be replaced. A benefit of a wood finish garage door, should it ever need repairs, is that the material allows for sections to be fixed instead of having to replace the entire door.

Is a Wooden Garage Door Right for Your Home?

Part of the allure of a garage door that looks like wood is the warm, natural feel they add to the outside of your home. But how do you know they are right for the design of your house?

Historical homes are a perfect candidate for a wood finish garage door because of their timeless design and appearance. Garage doors with a wood finish also nicely complement homes made of natural materials like cedar shingles, wood siding and logs or stone.

However, if your home has a more modern style, Clopay garage doors also have several contemporary design options you can choose from. Or if you have a designer’s eye, you can sketch out what you think would best complement your home and have a professional build a custom door.

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