Clopay Garage Door Installation

Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service doesn’t only provide you with a high-quality, attractive, durable Clopay® garage door — we can install it for you as well. If you’ve been wondering, “where can I find quality Clopay® garage door service near me,” Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service is the answer. We are your trusted garage door installation company in Carlisle because of our highly trained garage door installation technicians and our commitment to customer service.

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Why Choose Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service for Garage Door Installation?

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You’ll want to order your new garage door from us because of the incredible selection of Clopay® garage doors we offer, but why have us install it as well? In this world of do-it-yourselfers and DIY YouTube videos, it can be tempting to install your own garage door, but we do not recommend it for a number of reasons, including:


A garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. Even a trained professional takes on some risk when installing a new garage door. For an untrained amateur who may not have the adequate tools for the job, attempting to install a garage door can be incredibly dangerous. One slip could cause catastrophic damage.


Our professional garage door installers have installed hundreds of garage doors and undergone extensive training that goes far beyond watching a few videos. We know exactly what to do to install your garage door right and make sure it operates exactly as the manufacturer intended. If you install your own garage door, you risk installing it inaccurately and ending up with a garage door that does not open or close smoothly, or even one that does not open or close at all.


The main reason you might consider installing your own garage door would be to save money. However, a garage door is too big and heavy to install yourself, so you would either need a generous volunteer or would have to pay someone to help you. Even if you did get free labor and you already had the correct tools for the job, there is a good chance your installation might not last and you might have to pay for a professional to correct your work later. In addition, any amateur installation or repair you attempt on your garage door can void the door’s warranty.

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Given all of these reasons, and the fact that we can install your garage door quickly, affordably and with minimal disruption to your daily activities, calling us for professional garage door installation only makes sense. For a free estimate on garage door installation, get in touch online now.

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