Should I Have an Insulated Garage Door?

Are you considering replacing your garage door? When the time comes to update your home’s curb appeal, don’t just settle for a stock garage door that can get the job done. Having the right type of garage door can offer one of the highest returns on investment — with over 85% on average — and improve your daily living. Recently, insulated garage doors have become a popular trend for homeowners because they improve energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. Many of these insulated doors are also available in several designs, materials and sizes.

Benefits of a New Insulated Garage Door

With a new garage door, you can also experience the following benefits:

  • Improved Energy Costs: Garages are seldom considered a part of the house, but with old garage doors your home could be losing precious heat or cool air — driving up your monthly utility costs. Construction standards for garages are different than the rest of your home and can allow more gaps for air leakage. A new insulated door will reduce those leakages and keep your air inside the home.
  • Added Durability: Old standard garage doors are constructed with steel or aluminum wrapped over panel frames. Insulated Clopay® Garage Doors are solid-core insulation and sandwiched between single or dual steel panels, improving resistance against daily activities and wear and are less likely to dent.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: Insulated garage doors are more tightly manufactured, so during normal operations the door doesn’t tend to rattle like lightweight doors. The insulation also tends to dampen the vibrations of the door while opening and closing.
  • Increased Protection: With insulation, you can protect your items against freezing and hot temperatures. Cars are typically affected and often unreliable due to freezing temperatures, with shorter battery life or dead batteries, thickened motor fluids, low tire pressure and unreliable spark plugs or wiring. In hotter months, several items in your garage can change consistency or be rendered useless, like paints, fertilizers, cleaning supplies and motor oil. Insulated garage doors will help regulate the temperature of the garage.
  • Improved Daily Conveniences: Not only will you improve the quality of the items stored in your garage, but the regulated temperature will also make commuting in the mornings and evenings more pleasant and may even encourage you to partake in more activities in your garage, such as working out.

At Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service, we offer a wide range of Clopay Garage Doors — the leading manufacturer of residential garage doors. All of our insulated Clopay garage doors come in a variety of colors and styles ranging from classic to contemporary, and you can even customize your new garage door to perfectly fit your style and your home’s architecture.

Install a New Insulated Garage Door, Courtesy of Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service

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