What to Do If Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

You’ll know the spring on your garage door has broken because it is typically marked by a loud bang, similar to the sound of an exploding firework. If the tension spring above your door appears separated, that’s a definite sign the spring above the garage door has broken. These springs are primarily responsible for lifting your garage door. If the torsion spring is broken, the door will not go up. Attempting to lift your garage door at this point is extremely dangerous and doing so can cause your garage door opener to break. Also, do not attempt to lift the door by hand — garage doors can typically weigh 150 to 250 pounds or more and without the spring you can have an increased risk for injury.

In the event that your garage door spring has broken, do not attempt to fix these springs yourself — call the experts at Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service instead. The garage door is under a constant amount of tension and weight, and attempting to replace the springs is extremely dangerous for a homeowner. A professional will also understand the right type of new spring to install on your garage door.

Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

While most homeowners would prefer the parts on their garage last forever, reliably and predictably raising and lowering their garage doors without issue, springs have a finite lifespan. Many companies will install the least-expensive garage doors possible, which means lower-quality torsion and extension springs that have shorter lifespans. A torsion springs lifespan is determined by how often the garage door is used, known as its cycle.

Low-quality springs can only last 7,500 cycles and need replacement every three to five years. Higher-quality springs could have a 10,000 cycle life and last for 15 years. Factors that can determine your springs’ lifespan include:


  • Wear and Tear: While 10,000 cycles seems like a lot of garage door opening and closing, most homeowners use their doors at least twice per day. If your partner also uses the garage door, you run frequent errands or if your kids use the garage, that can increase its usage dramatically.


  • Rust: Rust buildup greatly reduces garage door spring lifespans. When it builds up, the rust increases the friction on the coil and eventually weakens its structure. To prevent rust and keep the coil well-lubricated, apply WD-40 on the springs three or four times per year.


  • Improper Maintenance: Performing regular maintenance will improve your garage door’s lifespan — so check all moving parts and keep lubricated as needed. At least once every year, check the balance of your garage door to determine the health of your springs. Lift the door halfway and then let it sit — good springs will keep the door still, while worn-out springs will let the door sag or fall.


Trust Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service With Your Maintenance and Repair Needs

To avoid the risk of additional damage or a garage door spring injury, trust Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service to help with your garage door repairs. Most professionals recommend having your garage door maintained at least once every year. And for the best and most reliable maintenance and repair services in Carlisle, PA, call the experts at Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service. Our company has over 30 years of garage door experience and can service your garage door quickly and reliably. Call us today at (717) 243-0712 to receive a free quote or fill out our online contact form.

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