What to Do If You Accidentally Back Into Your Garage Door

It’s early in the morning and you’re running late for work, you didn’t have time to make any coffee and you’re still a bit groggy — while getting in the car you accidentally lose your train of thought and reversed into your garage door. Once you’ve gathered you’re emotions, you think: “What do I do and how can I fix the garage door?”

If you ran your car into your garage door — join the club. Garage door companies hear about it more often than you might think! Although hitting your own garage door with your car may seem like a silly mistake, you’re definitely not alone. Garage door repair experts like Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service have your back.

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What to Do After Backing Into Your Garage Door

If you ran into your garage door, you’re probably wondering, “What in the world do I do now?” Many garage door companies receive a call once per week with a homeowner who has accidentally backed into their garage door. After you’ve backed into the garage door, take these steps to safely handle the situation:

Don’t Panic

Running into your garage door is a jarring experience — so jarring that people can sometimes forget to turn off their car or even put it in park because they’re so panicked. If your driveway has a steep slope, this can be especially dangerous. So if you ever hit your garage, the first thing you need to do is calmly put your car in park and turn it off before you leave to check out the damage.

Assess the Damage

Before trying to move your car, assess the damage and check if the garage door was dented by the car. Most likely, you’ve hit the door on its bottom panel. Check that the garage door’s rollers are still in their tracks, the lifting cables are still in their drums and the condition of the springs. If the damage to the garage door isn’t too extensive, you can attempt to move the car the rest of the way out of the garage.

Close the Garage Door

Once you’ve assessed the damage and removed your car from the garage, stand at least eight feet from the opening. Attempt to push the button on your remote to see if the door will continue to rise. If it rolls up fine, you can close the door. But if the opener is making noises and you notice the door’s parts aren’t moving properly, then unplug the opener. At this point, you can attempt to close the garage door manually without using too much force. If the door has been displaced from its tracks, do not attempt to raise or lower the door.

Assess Your Car

Especially if you’re panicked over a huge dent in your garage door, you may forget to take a look at your car — as shocking as that sounds! If you accidentally drive into your garage door, chances are good that your car will have at least a few dents and scratches. But the extent of any car damage largely depends on how fast you hit the garage. Even though damage sustained to cars is generally minimal, you should call your car insurance company to see what you can do about it.

Call a Professional

Even if your door doesn’t appear too damaged and it was able to lift without noticeable issue, call your local garage door repair specialist to assess the damage to the door and make any repairs.

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Does Insurance Cover Hitting My Garage Door?

Depending on the extent of the damage to your garage door, you should consider reaching out to your home’s insurance company to inform them that your garage door was hit by your car. Decide if your policy’s deductible is a viable solution to assist you with this problem or if you should just cover the garage door repair or replacement cost on your own.

If your car was damaged, assess the damage and determine if it is severe enough to contact your auto insurance company. Keep in mind that your home insurance will not cover repair costs for your car and the auto insurance will not pay to repair the garage door.

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If you’ve accidentally backed into your door or hit the garage door with your car, call the experts at Jarusewski Garage Door Service. One of our professionals can visit your home quickly to help assess the damages to your home and help you determine your repair or replacement options. We have the most extensive and reliable garage door repair and maintenance services throughout Carlisle, PA. If you’re interested in purchasing a new garage door, we also offer a wide selection of fashionable and modern Clopay® garage doors. Call us today at (717) 243-0712 to schedule services or complete our online contact form to receive additional information about our offerings.

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