Everything You Need to Know Before Insulating Your Garage

Your garage is a place of endless potential. Sure, you can use it for storage, but you can also transform it into an office, workout room or even guest quarters for visiting relatives.

If you plan to spend any extra time in your garage, though, you’ll want it to stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. For this purpose, insulation is necessary. We’ve compiled some helpful tips so that you can get on your way to enjoying your garage whenever you’d like.

How to Start the Insulating Process

Before you insulate the walls of your garage, take a look at your garage door to ensure it’s already doing everything it can to retain the inside temperature. Outside air is most likely to enter through the garage door, so having an option that closes and seals properly assists your insulation in keeping your garage as hot or cold as you want.

If you think your garage door will negatively affect the insulation’s efficiency, Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service can complete any repairs and new installations you need to get your garage in top shape. Otherwise, you should be set to begin your insulation project.

The Cost to Insulate Your Garage

Insulation costs vary depending on the type you use, how thick it is and how big the space you want to insulate is. In general, though, you can expect to spend anywhere between $300-$900 for full garage insulation.

How to Insulate Your Garage

Regardless of the insulation you choose, the best way to insulate a garage is fairly basic and similar across types:

  • Clean walls and garage space: Remove drywall, look for signs of mold and decay, and clean off any chemicals like fertilizer and gasoline.
  • Fill in gaps: Holes and cracks in the walls can render your insulation project useless. Use expanding foam to fill them in and seal up the garage.
  • Install insulation: Cut insulation to size and attach it to the walls. Be sure to wear protective equipment when handling the insulation, including gloves, eye protection and a mask.
  • Cover insulation: If necessary, use drywall to cover insulation and prevent fire hazards.

Start Your Insulation Project With Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service

An insulated garage door is a critical element for keeping your garage fully insulated year-round. Connect with Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service today to learn about our insulated garage door options and get a free quote and estimate. As an authorized Clopay® dealer, we carry the variety you need to find your perfect garage door, whatever your style may be.

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