Best Tips for Garage Storage and Organization

Your garage can seem much larger and more functional when you use garage storage tips and tricks to make room for everything and organize all your gear. Whether you use your garage as storage, a parking space, a workshop or something else, keeping it tidy will help you reclaim your space.

How to Organize Your Garage


At Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service, we help many homeowners with garage door installations and repairs, so we see a lot of garages. Based on our years of experience, we’ve put together our best garage organization ideas to help you make the most of your space:


  • Declutter your space: It’s hard to organize your garage if you have too much stuff. Set aside a weekend to go through everything in your garage and divide it into three piles: keep, donate/sell and throw out. Try to remove as much as possible and organize the rest by category, so all your tools or sports equipment are together. Have a garage sale or get rid of what you no longer need soon after your clean-out.


  • Create a diagram of your space: Measure your garage and sketch out what it looks like on a big piece of paper. Step back and think about how you could use the space more effectively. If you park at the front, how much space is there at the back for a workshop or storage solution? Try sketching in different options for where you can store your gear until you find practical solutions.


  • Install shelving: Look for floor-to-ceiling shelving that uses up plenty of your vertical space, and invest in clear bins or tubs so you can see everything you’re storing. If you’re purchasing ready-made utility shelving, you can buy metal or wood units with plenty of room for under $100. Choose shelving that keeps items off the ground and allows you to easily clean underneath. Once you install your shelving, tackle those organized piles of gear and arrange your items by category.


  • Look up for more room: Are you using your garage’s wall and ceiling space? Overhead storage and bike racks help you keep some items off the ground. You can also install vertical organization systems such as pegboards, panels or track systems to hang tools and other items. This setup keeps everything above the floor for easy cleaning and ensures your items are easily visible so you always know where your extension cord or hammer is. A simple large pegboard can cost about $100, and an overhead storage rack can cost under $200.

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Now that your garage is organized and clean, how are you accessing that space? A quality garage door makes your garage easier to enter and exit. An excellent garage door also protects your gear and keeps your garage secure.

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