What to Do If My Garage Door Opener Starts Making Strange Noises?

Your garage door has been opening and closing faithfully and without issue for many years, until one day you notice an unusual noise — a rattling or grinding sound. Many homeowners make the mistake of not addressing the noises and wondering what problems they could be addressing. Garage doors make a loud noise when operating normally, but as a homeowner it’s crucial to note these strange new sounds to avoid being stranded inside or out of your home and costly and inconvenient emergency repairs later.

Common Garage Door Opener Sounds

When attempting to determine the cause of your garage door’s new noises, also note the age and type of opener you have. Noisy garage door openers may be caused by old age — if your machine is over 20 years old — or if it’s chain-operated. Regardless, if your garage door is still reliably opening and closing, note these common garage door opener noises:

  • Grinding: Moving parts of your garage door opener need to be lubricated.
  • Rattling: Often the cause of chains or belts, the garage door opener’s chain may be loose and clacking or the belt needs to be adjusted. The support rails may also be the cause of the noise.
  • Straining: If the opener is straining to lift your garage door, this is often the result of a defective motor or the machine has inadequate horsepower.

Are These Sounds Serious?

Any sounds your garage door opener is making is an indication of a pressing issue. If you’re noticing new, strange garage door opener noises, call a garage door professional to inspect your system. Some issues like lack of lubrication are less serious than broken components. For loose parts or simple lubrication, many homeowners can easily tackle these fixes.

But if you suspect something’s wrong with the garage door or with the garage door opener machine itself, you should reach out to the technicians at Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service. For homeowners inexperienced with garage door opener repair, the moving parts, electricity outlets and the weight of the garage door can pose serious injury hazards.

Garage Door Opener Noise Reduction

To always ensure your garage door is making its usual operational noises, trust a professional to perform routine garage door maintenance. Most garage door experts recommend service at least once per year. With regular maintenance, you can prevent early wear of the machine and prolong its operational lifespan. At Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service, we’ll inspect your system at a fair price, checking and testing all moving parts. We’ll ensure everything is lubricated and operating correctly and recommend updates or repairs to ensure your system is safe and never fails.

Trust Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service With All of Your Repairs

When your garage door opener is creating problems, trust the professionals at Jarusewski’s to quickly and reliably solve the problem. For over 30 years, our technicians have been dedicated to providing trustworthy and friendly garage door installation, repair and maintenance services to the residents of Carlisle, PA, and beyond.

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