4 Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your House

The exterior of your house gives people the first impression of your property. If your front area isn’t as clean or orderly as you would like, there are steps you can take that increase the curb appeal of your home. Improved curb appeal increases property value and elevates others’ perception of your household. Keeping your outside area trimmed and organized also helps you contribute to beautifying your street or neighborhood as a whole. 

Based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service can help you decide how to increase the curb appeal of your home, especially when it comes to garage doors. We specialize in Clopay® garage doors, and we provide you with free quotes for any door-related services you need. Our team can help you decide what kind of style you want as you go about updating and maintaining your property. 

How to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your House

There are several things you can do to add to the overall look of your home. If you need some inspiration, look at these suggestions to see if there’s a part of your house that could use a little extra attention. 

1. Add Some Paint

If you have outdoor siding, you can purchase paint to make your property stand out. Hardware stores often mix colors at your request to create the shade you want. Whether you choose a brighter option or prefer a more neutral style, painting is a simple DIY step you can take to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Homes with brick siding can still benefit from a paint job. Add a fresh coat of your choice to your shutters, windows or the front door to accentuate your house’s exterior. 

2. Start Landscaping

Adding plants, mowing your yard and bringing in colorful flowers are fantastic ways to add beauty to your home. You can build inexpensive flower boxes near your windows to create a pleasing change to your property. Planting trees in symmetrical patterns also helps boost your property’s curb appeal. If you have a front lawn, mowing on a consistent schedule keeps your grass neat and helps prevent weed growth. 

3. Power-Wash Walkways, Siding and Driveways

Sometimes, building and maintaining curb appeal can be as simple as keeping things clean. Power-washing can be a cost-effective and straightforward approach to give the front of your house a fresh, new look. 

4. Install a new Garage Door

Since it’s such a prominent part of your home’s exterior, a new garage door can increase your curb appeal by a great deal. As a Clopay dealer, Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service can help you decide on an updated door from our extensive selection, including options with: 

  • Wooden inlays
  • Steel panels
  • Glass and aluminum accents

We have over 30 years of experience in the business, and our expert team members will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied with our garage door services. We can install any door you decide on, and we can also perform repairs or modifications to your opening system. 

Beautify Your Home With a New Garage Door

Let Jarusewski’s Garage Door Service help you find the best garage door for your needs. Our selections from Clopay come in numerous styles so you can find one that complements your property. Contact us for more information on how you can get a brand-new garage door that’s perfect for your home.  

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